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Story Meet Sound  

Between the years 2007 and 2010, I studied film and screenwriting at Tel Aviv University. What remains with me from the degree is a profound love for storytelling, movies, and some of the things I've written, translated, and published. Currently, I am deeply involved in creating music for media, film, and video.

I'm always on the lookout for gems, especially short films and instances where music is used brilliantly. This film, even an Oscar winner, is undeniably a touching masterpiece. It revolves around a…

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The Mecha World 

Artificial intelligence becomes an inseparable part of our lives. There are many concerns and fantasies. Personally, I love it very much. It's another game, another tool, another maze to wander through, another world to explore. In this blog, I also write about things I learn and read, trying to connect it to the music I listen to and create. Recently, I started reading the materials of the 'Artificial Intelligence for Education' course at the Khan Academy and encountered the concept of LLM - Large Language…

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The Glass Harmonica - Alfred Schnittke  

Alfred Schnittke had a Jewish father and German mother. He was born in the USSR, his family moved to Vienna in 1946 because of his father’s work. No wonder Schnittke’s compositions are polystylistic. He was a brilliant orchestrator and arranger and also a kind of an expert in modern compositional techniques. A good entry point to Schnittke’s world could be his music for film. He said it was a field of experimentation for him, maybe implying that the works written as pure music for performance and listening…

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