The Mecha World

Artificial intelligence becomes an inseparable part of our lives. There are many concerns and fantasies. Personally, I love it very much. It's another game, another tool, another maze to wander through, another world to explore. In this blog, I also write about things I learn and read, trying to connect it to the music I listen to and create. Recently, I started reading the materials of the 'Artificial Intelligence for Education' course at the Khan Academy and encountered the concept of LLM - Large Language Model.

In this model, algorithms generate language that sounds entirely authentic, as if written by a human. The model is trained on vast amounts of text, learning patterns and relationships between words. It operates based on statistical data it infers about language. In other words, the robot doesn't think or feel; it merely reacts in a way that aligns with the highest probability.

Artificial intelligence has long existed in literature and cinema. The works of Isaac Asimov are among the most impressive philosophical and narrative creations I've encountered. Asimov's robots are essentially what idealized humans should be or a kind of behavioral ideal that humans should aspire to. The robots are fair, considerate, balanced, rational, in a perpetual state of calm, and capable of feigning empathy at such a high level that it's comparable to or even better than human empathy. In contrast, humans always have flaws. In his books, there's even a romantic relationship between a human and a robot. Their algorithms are so precise, sophisticated, and detailed to the point of perfection

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