Dance Music Structure - Drop

I am very excited that there is so much to learn about music. It's a world that always renews itself for me. 

I also have to admit that I am a hardcore geek when it comes to electronic music and dance music. The reason is that these genres are not my natural habitat. I feel much more comfortable and connected when listening to jazz and classical music. So, in the realm of electronic music, I consider myself more of an explorer, approaching it like a scientist and a keen listener rather than someone immersed in the dance scene. 

After reading the February issue of Computer Music, I finally grasped the concept of the 'drop.' I initially thought it referred to a section with a decrease in energy, but it turns out it's the part where they unleash the most impactful and exciting elements in the track, akin to dropping a bomb.

So here is a good explanation with examples about drops

Additionally, here is a YouTube video featuring numerous examples of exceptional drops.

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