The place whose name is Hijaz

Arabic music fascinates me. I started showing interest in it a while ago, but I always postponed the moment when I would delve deeper and explore it. The rhythms, the sounds, the maqams, quarter-tones, the unison playing of the bands—all these musical elements really excite me.

The best way for me to learn is by combining theory and practice. So, every day I add a bit of information to my knowledge, while simultaneously trying to apply something in one of the tracks I'm creating. Today, what caught my attention is a maqam called Hijaz. The Arabic word 'maqam' is very similar to the Hebrew word 'makom,' and indeed, musically, it's an area where you can create, improvise, and express yourself instantly.

The structure of Hijaz and its uses are vast and fascinating. I'll add a few links here for explanations and reading. Meanwhile, enjoy this musical medley and other pieces played in the Hijaz maqam.

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