Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

For me ukulele means freedom, humor, and laughs. The sound reminds you not to take life too seriously. While strolling with my little daughter and listening to my vintage MP3 I discovered the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. A live album full of jokes and uplifting music. Masterfully arranged cover versions of iconic songs and instrumental like: Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf, famous movie themes, a mind blowing combination of Life On Mars and My Way.  

My daughter is very sensitive to attention. When we start our walk I must make her sure I’m watching and listening to her. Sometimes she needs to hear my voice, repeating a mantra like “Tigi-digi-dam” or “i-love-u”. After she calms down and falls asleep I can put on earphones and listen to music. God forbid if she sees the earphones on me when she’s still awake.

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